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A darker Molokai color scheme with more contrast for Vim
Vim script
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Molokai-dark Color Scheme for Vim

Molokai-dark is a darker version of the Molokai theme by Tomas Restrepo.

Molokai-dark uses a completely black background, increasing the contrast between background and text.

256 color terminals are fully supported with only minor differences from the GUI version.


Coming soon


Add colorscheme molokai-dark to your ~/.vimrc

With Pathogen

Clone this repo into your ~/.vim/bundles directory.

With Vundle

Add Plugin 'pR0Ps/molokai-dark' to your ~/.vimrc and run :PluginInstall

Manual install

Grab molokai-dark.vim from the colors folder of this repo and save it to your ~/.vim/colors folder.

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