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The radioberry is actual a radio card (raspberry pi hat), which can be plugged into a raspberry pi, forming a Software Defined Radio (SDR).

The radio card uses an Analog Devices AD9866 which is a 12-bit broadband modem mixed signal front end that has been repurposed as a direct down conversion (DDC) and direct up conversion (DUC) SDR transceiver covering 0-30 MHz

The radio card uses an Intell Cyclone 10LP FPGA, supporting the 10CL16 and 10CL25. The firmware will be loaded via the raspberry pi.

Power supply for the radio card is provided by the raspberry pi.

To control filter boards or other extended hardware there is IN-OUTPUT available.

The project is in a 'Perpetual beta' stage. For more information look into:

This project is inspired of all the work of the Hermes Lite 2 group, Escpecially thanks to Steve Haynal.

The wiki and the GitHub repository must help anyone who wants to use this wonderfull small radio.

The radioberry consists of 2 components:

  • raspberry pi
  • radioberry card (raspberry hat)

The rapsberry pi runs the raspbian Operating System.

See GitHub for all open source hardware, firmware and software.


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