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instaR: Access to Instagram API via R

This package provides a series of functions that allow R users to access Instagram's API to search for media that mention specific hashtags or were sent from a certain location, to download recent pictures from a given users, and to capture lists of followers.

IMPORTANT: according to the updated platform policy, access to most endpoints of the Instagram API (including those that return public data) requires previous approval by Instagram. More information about the permission review process can be found here.

Getting Started from GitHub

To install from github, first install the devtools package and and then run devtools::install_github("pablobarbera/instaR/instaR")

The httpuv package is needed to trigger the web request when authorizing against Instragram using instaOAuth. When configuring the client on to receive your app_id and app_secret ensure the REDIRECT URI includes the trailing / e.g. http://localhost:1410/

Functionalities include:

  • Downloading pictures from users / using hashtags
  • Getting comments for individual posts
  • Getting likes for individual posts
  • Getting the most popular posts
  • Getting basic user information
  • Getting a hash tag count

For examples please see examples.R

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Dev version of instaR package: Access to Instagram API via R



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