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Use Tiktok with an alternative frontend, inspired by Nitter.


  • Privacy: All requests made to TikTok are server-side, so you will never connect to their servers
  • See user's feed
  • See trending and discovery tab
  • See tags
  • See video by id
  • Themes
  • RSS Feed for user, trending and tag (just add /rss to the url)


Please check this wiki article for info on how to self-host your own instance

Public instances

This wiki article contains a list with all the known public instances.


If you want to automatically redirect Tiktok links to ProxiTok you can use:

You can use the following config if you want to use Redirector (you can change with whatever instance you want to use):

Description: TikTok to ProxiTok
Example URL:
Include pattern: (.*//.*)(*)
Redirect to:$3
Example result:
Pattern type: Regular Expression
Apply to: Main window (address bar)

TODO / Known issues

  • Replace placeholder favicon
  • Make video on /video fit screen and don't overflow
  • Fix embed styling
  • Fix crash when invalid or is provided
  • Add custom amount of videos per page


External libraries