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PHP Object wrapper for the Google Chart API

A simple PHP Object wrapper for the Google Chart API. Should help anyone who needs to automate the building of the Google Chart url. Supports (almost) all types of charts. Prerequisites

To use this API, you should have a little PHP experience; a little patience to read the documentation; and a little persistence to keep trying if your first charts don't look as you expect them to.

Project migration

This project was migrated from a Google Code project. This project will continue to be mirrored on its Google Code page.

Use the master branch for stable release, the experimental branch for the development release, and the legacy branch for the old release of the wrapper (this branch will not be actively updated).

Pie Chart Example

Pie chart using the gPieChart class generated by this code:

 $piChart = new gPieChart();
 // or if you installed via composer
 // $piChart = new gchart\gPieChart();
 $piChart->setLabels(array("first", "second", "third","fourth"));
 $piChart->setLegend(array("first", "second", "third","fourth"));
 $piChart->setColors(array("ff3344", "11ff11", "22aacc", "3333aa"));
 echo $piChart->getImgCode();

Installation via Composer

To install using the Composer framework, first install Composer:

 curl -s | php

Create a composer.json file in your project root:

      "require": {
           "gchartphp/gchartphp": "dev-master"

Then run the install:

 php composer.phar install

Then add this line to your application’s index.php file:

 require 'vendor/autoload.php';

More info on using Composer:


  • The version that was first committed to GITHub is the same that the one on Google Code. Future commits will be reserved to GITHub.
  • I am pleased with how the code is shaping up. I haven't had much of an opportunity in the past to play with inheritence and polymorphism in PHP.

Change Log

20110903 - Fixed encodeData2 bug in gChart.php 20110816 - PEAR branch merged in master. Legacy branch created with the old files