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The Regex Guide

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Start writing regular expressions even if you don’t have any knowledge about them!
Built from Gatsby’s default starter.


Most of the current regex tools allow you to run a regular expression to test a text. This process requires to have knowledge on regular expressions. If you don’t have this knowledge, testing your regular expression becomes painful! 🥺

The Regex Guide does the opposite by helping you to build your regex, step-by-step. While you add pieces to a plain english sentence, The Regex Guide writes the corresponding regular expression. Hit the copy to clipboard button and you’re good to go! 🚀


First, please make sure to read and observe the Code of Conduct.

At this time, The Regex Guide covers a tiny part of the regex cases. To make The Regex Guide a more complete guide, contributions are very welcomed! 🤗

However, please read the Contributing guidelines before taking any action! This allow people to weigh in on the discussion before you start working and submit any pull request.

The Regex Guide is powered by Gatsby. Run gatsby develop to start the project on localhost:8000.


Some resources about the regular expressions:

Writing a regular expression pattern by MDN (@mdn)
Learn Regex the easy way by Zeeshan Ahmad (ziishaned)
The Joy of Regular Expressions, Part 1: What is regex? by Matt Cummings *

* The resource that gave me the idea to build The Regex Guide 🤩


I work on the Regex Guide on my free time. For this, I won't ask you to back the project. Instead, I rather prefer to add a footer logo on the website to promote an other project of mine. Hope you won't mind! 🙏