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Zika virus awareness - Our project goal is to raise awareness of Zika virus by giving all the information regarding disease transmission, prevention, treatment and recent news. Also possible additional functions such as providing methods to help users check how much they know about the issue with quizzes, games or something related.


In order:

Name: Frank Fico

E-Mail: ocifico@gmail.com ff74880n@pace.edu

Role: Content Manager

-- Name: Luiz Fernando da Silva Cieslak

E-Mail: cieslakluiz@gmail.com ld28155n@pace.edu

Role: Product Owner

-- Name: Hongyuan Li(Peter)

E-mail: peterli1995@hotmail.com hl54875n@pace.edu

Role: Scrum Master


Idea Proposal

Idea Proposal



Product Backlog



  • Emails
  • Slack.com
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Face-to-Face meetings

Architecture & Design

Architecture & Design



Process description

[Reflection] (https://goo.gl/yzOX5x)

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