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Packet Coders

Learn network automation through code, labs and community.


  1. nornir-napalm-netbox-guide nornir-napalm-netbox-guide Public

    Code, scripts and examples for the Packet Coders Netbox, NAPALM and Nornir guide.

    Python 23 11

  2. nornir-inspect nornir-inspect Public

    Nornir inspection tool.

    Python 13 1

  3. network-analysis-cookup network-analysis-cookup Public

    Demo for how to build a network analysis stack with Nornir, NAPALM and Pandas

    Makefile 13 4

  4. pyats-webinar pyats-webinar Public

    Code, and examples from the Packet Coders pyATS webinar

    Makefile 9

  5. netbox-nornir-graphql-webinar netbox-nornir-graphql-webinar Public

    Demo on how to automate configurations using NetBox, Nornir and GraphQL

    Makefile 9 2


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