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Opus is a minimal note-taking application.

It aims to be a mix between a text-editor and code-editor. It reads and writes .note files from your native file system. This means it works well with tools like Dropbox for syncing files across your devices.

Much like a code-editor, Opus opens folders and allows you to edit the files inside. You can have multiple windows open, each with a different folder.


  • 🖋 Editing: Supports rich text editing with all the features you'd expect.
  • 📄 Uses Files: Uses tangible files in JSON format, not inaccessible databases.
  • 🌙 Dark Mode: Includes a dark mode for late night writing.
  • ⚙️ Customizable: The sidebar and footer can be hidden for a more focused experience.
  • 📂 Multiple Projects: Opus supports opening multiple folders at once.
  • Simple: Opus has only the features you need.


You can download the latest macOS binary from releases.

Alternatively, you can run Opus locally from the command line:

$ git clone
$ cd opus
$ npm install
$ npm start


Opus Light Mode Screenshot Opus Dark Mode Screenshot

More Features

  • Find, replace, goto functionalities.
  • Spellchecker, easily replace with suggestions via right-click.
  • Window settings (position, size, dark mode, etc...) are remembered between sessions.
  • Export notes to plain text, html, and markdown files.
  • Automatically ask to update note contents if it is edited elsewhere.
  • Document statistics shown in the footer (line count, word count, cursor position).


  • Left: distractionless plain text writing application.
  • Quill: The rich text editor that runs inside Opus.
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