Buffalo's sender implementation for Sendgrid in Go
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Sendgrid Buffalo Sender

This is a buffalo sender for the Sendgrid email service.

How to use

In your mailers.go

import (
    ssender "github.com/paganotoni/sendgrid-sender"

var sender mail.Sender

func init() {
	APIKey := envy.Get("SENDGRID_API_KEY", "")
	sender = ssender.NewSendgridSender(APIKey)

And then in your mailers you would do the same sender.Send(m) as this sender matches buffalos mail.Sender interface.

Test mode

Whenever the GO_ENV variable is set to be test this sender will use mocksmtp sender to send messages, you can read values in your tests within the property TestSender of the SendgridSender.