An introduction to acceptance testing
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Testing With Capybara

Skill Level: Beginner
Time Limit: 30 minutes

The aim of this challenge is to introduce you to acceptance testing. Your job will be to create automated tests using Capybara & Cucumber that mimic a user logging into the site and navigating to a special page.

NOTE: To login, your username must be the same as your password.

Capybara helps us test web applications by simulating how a real user would interact with an app.


  1. Clone the repo to your computer and bundle its gems
  2. Run the application bundle exec rackup -p 4567 then navigate to localhost:4567 in your browser and see what the app does
  3. Then run your cucumber tests cucumber features
  4. View the cucumber login.feature that's been created for you
  5. Fill out the login step_definitions so that they pass
  6. Then complete the logout.feature and its steps to test logging out a user
  7. Review the considerations below and refactor the features or step definitions as needed.


  • What needs to be tested to ensure that the user authentication functionality of this app works correctly?
  • Besides the faulty password scheme, what's the other glaring authentication problem with this application?
  • Cucumber is not a big fan of duplicating step_definitions, do you think you might reuse some of the steps from login_steps for your new scenarios.