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Jul 13, 2019

pajbot Python 4HEad

pajbot is a twitch chat bot created by pajlada.

Note: pajbot is in maintenance mode. This means we focus on keeping the project alive by not allowing major overhauls of any pajbot system or any major features. Fixing bugs, updating dependencies and ensuring that code interacting with external APIs still function will be our main goal. Feature requests will not be accepted unless someone is willing to own the feature, and even then some features that change too much of the architecture won't be allowed. Current minimal supported Python version is 3.8.

Quick install

  1. Install library requirements by typing ./scripts/ in the root folder
  2. Copy ./configs/example.ini to ./config.ini and change the relevant lines in the file.
  3. Run the bot! ./

Detailed install

You can find a detailed installation guide for pajbot in the install-docs directory of this repository.