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What is it?

RemoteStick server exposes the Tellstick (see Telldus Homepage ) interface through RESTful services. RemoteStick server uses the native library libtelldus-core to communicate with the Tellstick. It supports resource browsing and resource operations (like turning on/off a device). Responses are given in XML format (support for JSON format is planned). It aims to fully reflect the capabilities of the libtelldus-core.


telldus-core need be installed. telldus-core is an open-source library developed by the very same company manufacturing the Tellstick, namely Telldus. Either:

Getting it

Using it

The -? flag will give you help about available command line arguments: -?

Starting RemoteStick server is as simple as (although not recommended, see below):

By default, no authentication will be required (making it possible for anyone to query your tellstick) and the RESTful services will listen for connections on your-hostname:8422. Only Basic Authentication (HTTP) currently supported. You should at least set a username and password, requiring client authentication: --username MyUsername --password MyPassword



Depending on where the telldus-core library is installed on your system you may have to define the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include the directory where telldus-core is located. export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/opt/telldus/bin


If TelldusCenter is installed RemoteStick server will have no problem locating the library. Although you might get an error saying ftdxx library is not found. In such cases add the Telldus folder to the PATH environment variable. set PATH=%PATH%;"C:\Program files\Telldus" or try running RemoteStick server using Telldus folder as working directory (i.e. stand in that directory when starting RemoteStick server).

Mac OS X

The current version of TelldusCenter for Mac OS X, 2.0.2, does only come with 32 bit support meaning that it will not work (out of the box) if you got a 64 bit version of Python (which you do if you're running a 64 bit version of Mac OS X, i.e. Snow Leopard). The error you might get indicating this is: OSError: dlopen(/Library/Frameworks/TelldusCore.framework/TelldusCore, 6): no suitable image found. Did find:/Library/Frameworks/TelldusCore.framework/TelldusCore: mach-o, but wrong architecture You have two options. Run python in 32 bit mode (recommended): arch -arch i386 python2.6 ./ ... OR you could also re-compile a 64 bit version of TelldusCore. Although very much feasable it is complicated. For instructions, see:


Exposing the Tellstick interfaces through RESTful services




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