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.NET Core Paketo Buildpack

The .NET Core Paketo Buildpack provides a set of collaborating buildpacks that enable the building of a Dotnet Core-based application. These buildpacks include:

The buildpack supports building both runtime-dependent and self-contained applications. Additionally, the buildpack supports a number of combinations of runtimes, SDKs, and ASPNet library configurations.

The buildpack supports the inclusion of NodeJS for applications that may require it. This support is provided by the Node Engine CNB.

Usage examples can be found in the samples repository under the dotnet-core directory.

The .Net Core buildpack is compatible with the following builder(s):

This buildpack also includes the following utility buildpacks:

Check out the Paketo .NET Core CNB docs for more information. To edit the docs content published on the above page, make changes to this document.