An Eclipse plug-in for developing in the TypeScript language.
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Eclipse TypeScript Plug-in

An Eclipse plug-in for developing in the TypeScript language.


  1. Install Node.js
  2. Open Eclipse and go to Help->Install New Software
  3. Add the update site:
  4. Reboot Eclipse
  5. (optional) Right-click on a project and select Configure->Enable TypeScript Builder


  • code completion
  • compile-on-save
  • cross-project compilation
  • error annotations/markers
  • find references
  • format code
  • highlight matching brace
  • hover for JSDoc
  • mark occurrences
  • open definition
  • outline view
  • quick outline
  • rename refactor
  • syntax highlighting
  • task tags
  • toggle comments

Additional Information

  • Eclipse Kepler (4.3) and Luna (4.4) are supported
  • Eclipse must be running via Java 6+
  • Wiki (contains information about developing the plug-in)


Update Typescript

  • Clone Typescript into a sibling folder
  • Run npm install in the Typescript project
  • Run npm install -g dos2unix jake
  • Update Typescript branch in ./scripts/
  • Run ./scripts/

Build and Test

  • Run maven package
  • Install zip in Eclipse following Install New Software... -> Add... -> Archive...