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Be free to order posts as you wish. Plugin is available at


You can copy the default templates from plugins "templates" folder into "%theme%/plugin-parts/*".


Available variables in template:

$queue ===> Array of queue objects

$store ===> Postqueue\Store object

$query_args ===> WP_Query arguments

$viewmode ===> optional viewmode attribute

$offset ===> number of posts to skip

$limit ===> number of posts use.


Available actions for postqueue plugin.

Extend grid postqueue box

If you want to extend the grid-postqueue-box use this action to register your extending box. Also register all other grid boxes that depend on the postqueue plugin here.

add_action( 'postqueue_grid_boxes', 'myplugin_postqueue_boxes');
function myplugin_postqueue_boxes(){
	require 'box-class-file1.php';
	require 'box-class-file2.php';


Available filters for postqueue plugin.

Postqueue viewmodes

add_filter( 'postqueue_viewmodes', 'myplugin_postqueue_viewmodes');
function myplugin_postqueue_viewmodes($viewmodes){
	$viewmodes[] = array(
		array('key' => 'viewmode_slug', 'text' => 'Viewmode label' ),
	return $viewmodes;


$viewmodes ==> Array of Assoc Arrays with key and text.

Postqueue edit capabilities

add_filter( 'postqueue_edit_capability', 'myplugin_postqueue_edit_capability');
function postqueue_edit_capability($capabilities){
	$capabilities = "edit_page";
	return $capabilities;


$capabilities ==> WordPress capabilities string

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