Open Free Fiasco Firmware Flasher for Maemo devices
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    ------.    ,---------.--.--.
   /       |  ___        |  |  |  \\------------ -- .  
   | .__  / \/   .   ____/ _/ _/      The 0pen
   |   /  .     <      |  |  |             Free Fiasco
   | '-    >     ^  ___| _| .'                Firmware Flasher
   |                 |  '  |          - --  --- ----------------\\
   \_____/7_/\______    :  I                              0xFFFF
               _/ ___|_.|__|

0xFFFF is Open Free Fiasco Firmware Flasher for Maemo devices. It support
generating and unpacking FIASCO images on local computer. Useful for editing
Maemo firmware package for future flash. It support via USB flashing any image
type to Maemo device and also \"cold\" flashing which means flashing dead device
with erased bootloader. There is support for booting kernel via USB without
flashing to NAND and also changing configuration of Maemo device (enable/disable
R&D mode, changing HW revision strings, ...).

0xFFFF is alternative tool to proprietary Nokia flasher-3.5 and fiasco-gen.
0xFFFF generate compatible FIASCO images and also accept FIASCO images generated
by Nokia fiasco-gen.

Use it with CARE. This is an experimental tool and it can brick your device.
It's not supposed to be stable, so nokia will probably release incompatible
bootloaders to break this tool. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

PLEASE. Read carefully all the documentation inside doc/* for more information
before building or using the flasher to avoid questions, problems or so.


 $ make

To install: (by default is /usr/local)
 $ make install PREFIX=/usr DESTDIR=/

Have phun!