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Cryptonite Wallet, Dark edition

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@pallas1 pallas1 released this 13 Jun 13:28
· 20 commits to master since this release

New wallet release, including all-new gui dark theme, windows improvements, build enhancements for newer libraries and distributions, detailed peers view, and more.

Windows version:
Built with Berkley DB 6.1. If you are still using the old 4.8 format, it will be upgraded to the new version and will be incompatible with the older wallets.

Linux version:
Compiled on Ubuntu LTS 16.04, should work on similar distibutions as well. Daemon and cli for sending commands are included, no GUI. For any other use, please compile from the latest sources. You can now build against Qt 5.11, miniupmp 2 and openssl 1.1.