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Pallet crate for postgres

This a crate to install and run postgres via Pallet.

Release Notes

Server Spec

The postgres crate defines the postgres function, that takes a settings map and returns a server-spec for installing postgres.


The postgres crate uses the following settings:

  • :version a string to specify the point version of PostgreSQL (e.g., "9.1"). The default is the version provided by the system's packaging system

  • :components a set of one or more recognized keywords. The set of every component is #{:server :libs :client}.

  • :strategy allows override of the install strategy (:packages, :package-source, or :rpm)

  • :packages the packages that are used to install

  • :package-source a non-default package source for the packages

  • :rpm takes a map of remote-file options specifying an RPM file to install

  • :default-cluster-name name of the default cluster created by the installer

  • :bin path to binaries

  • :owner unix owner for Postgres files

  • :postgresql_file path to postgresql.conf

  • :has-pg-wrapper boolean flag for availability of a wrapper allowing command execution against a specified cluster.

  • :has-multicluster-service boolean flag specifying whether the init service is multi-cluster capable.

  • :initdb-via whether to use the initdb (:initdb), or service (:service) to run initdb

  • :options A map of options:

    • :data_directory path to storage location
    • :hba_file path to pg_hba.conf location
    • :ident_file path to pg_ident.conf location
    • :external_pid_file path to pid file
    • :unix_socket_directory path to directory for unix sockets


On the group, or #pallet on freenode irc.


Licensed under EPL

Copyright 2010, 2011, 2012 Hugo Duncan.