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SWANK and nREPL servers for clojure providing JPDA based debuggers
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Split out nrepl-core to minimise dependencies

Minimise dependencies in the REPL clojure instance.
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Hugo Duncan hugoduncan authored
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bin Attempt to provide logback configuration for the datomic transactor
debugger Improve namespace and path mapping
lein-ritz Split out nrepl-core to minimise dependencies
nrepl-codeq Updated version for next release cycle
nrepl-core Split out nrepl-core to minimise dependencies
nrepl-hornetq Updated version for next release cycle
nrepl-middleware Add exception filter browser
nrepl-project Update to leiningen 2.0.0
nrepl Split out nrepl-core to minimise dependencies
repl-utils Add extra logging
slime Add autoload to slime-clj.el
swank Update to leiningen 2.0.0
.gitignore Add support for nREPL over HornetQ
.travis.yml Increase Xmx to 1024m on travis Add pallet script to set up a dev environment for ritz updates READMEs with links to clojure-conj 2012 presentation Updated versions for 0.7.0 Finish rename of swank-clj to ritz
circle.yml Fix circle config to use lein2 Fix invocation command in nrepl support doc
project.clj Split out nrepl-core to minimise dependencies Abort release on set-version failure Rename swank-clj to ritz


Ritz is a collection of libraries and servers for clojure development environments and for debuggers.

project description
ritz-swank SWANK server for emacs SLIME environment.
ritz-nrepl nREPL server.
ritz-nrepl-middleware nREPL middleware.
ritz-nrepl-project nREPL project middleware.
ritz-nrepl-codeq nREPL codeq middleware.
ritz-nrepl-hornetq nREPL server and client for running over HornetQ
ritz-debugger A library for using the JVM JPDA debugger in clojure.
ritz-repl-utils A library of functions useful when working in a clojure REPL.

For a high level overview of Ritz see the clojure-conj 2012 presentation on it.


Copyright (C) 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Hugo Duncan

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.

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