A script for migrating extension import syntax.
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flask_ext_migrate: import migration tool

This package allows for rapid fixing of old style Flask extension imports from the format flask.ext.foo to flask_foo. It also repairs any associated function calls. Although this tool has been tested extensively always check the output file to ensure correct functionality.


To install, simply:

$ pip install flask_ext_migrate


$ flask_ext_migrate --help
usage: flask_ext_migrate <INPUT_SOURCE>

A source code migration tool for converting extension imports.

required arguments:
  <INPUT_SOURCE>     Either a single file or directory to be recursively converted

optional arguments:
  --help             Show this help message and exit

For example to convert the imports in a file app.py use:

$ flask_ext_migrate app.py

To convert all imports in all files within the directory app/ (relative path) use:

$ flask_ext_migrate app

# This also works.
$ flask_ext_migrate app/