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@@ -14,11 +14,15 @@ Traceback (most recent call last):
SecurityError: access to attribute 'func_code' of 'function' object is unsafe.
.. module:: jinja2.sandbox
.. autoclass:: SandboxedEnvironment([options])
- :members: is_safe_attribute, is_safe_callable
+ :members: is_safe_attribute, is_safe_callable, default_binop_table,
+ default_unop_table, intercepted_binops, intercepted_unops,
+ call_binop, call_unop
.. autoclass:: ImmutableSandboxedEnvironment([options])
@@ -44,3 +48,47 @@ SecurityError: access to attribute 'func_code' of 'function' object is unsafe.
Also keep in mind that templates may raise runtime or compile time errors,
so make sure to catch them.
+Operator Intercepting
+.. versionadded:: 2.6
+For maximum performace Jinja2 will let operators call directly the type
+specific callback methods. This means that it's not possible to have this
+intercepted by overriding :meth:``. Furthermore a
+conversion from operator to special method is not always directly possible
+due to how operators work. For instance for divisions more than one
+special method exist.
+With Jinja 2.6 there is now support for explicit operator intercepting.
+This can be used to customize specific operators as necessary. In order
+to intercept an operator one has to override the
+:attr:`SandboxedEnvironment.intercepted_binops` attribute. Once the
+operator that needs to be intercepted is added to that set Jinja2 will
+generate bytecode that calls the :meth:`SandboxedEnvironment.call_binop`
+function. For unary operators the `unary` attributes and methods have to
+be used instead.
+The default implementation of :attr:`SandboxedEnvironment.call_binop`
+will use the :attr:`SandboxedEnvironment.binop_table` to translate
+operator symbols into callbacks performing the default operator behavior.
+This example shows how the power (``**``) operator can be disabled in
+ from jinja2.sandbox import SandboxedEnvironment
+ class MyEnvironment(SandboxedEnvironment):
+ intercepted_binops = frozenset(['**'])
+ def call_binop(self, context, operator, left, right):
+ if operator == '**':
+ return self.undefined('the power operator is unavailable')
+ return SandboxedEnvironment.call_binop(self, context,
+ operator, left, right)
+Make sure to always call into the super method, even if you are not
+intercepting the call. Jinja2 might internally call the method to
+evaluate expressions.
@@ -196,7 +196,8 @@ class Environment(object):
#: if this environment is sandboxed. Modifying this variable won't make
#: the environment sandboxed though. For a real sandboxed environment
- #: have a look at jinja2.sandbox
+ #: have a look at jinja2.sandbox. This flag alone controls the code
+ #: generation by the compiler.
sandboxed = False
#: True if the environment is just an overlay

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