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A recent version of perl5.
CPAN Modules:
Nagios::Plugin - if you're lucky, rpmforge repo is configured in yum and you
can issue 'yum install perl-Nagios-Plugin' to install everything you need.
(optional) Writable directory for meta data cache from mysql. Defaults to
'/tmp/pdb_nagios_cache'. Can also run in non-caching mode, see below or
--help for more info.
To install:
* copy plugin to nagios plugin directory.
* chmod 755.
* Make sure cache directory is writable by nagios user.
Usage examples:
To check for long running queries, warn at 40 seconds, critical at 60 seconds: --hostname=localhost --user=root --mode=long-query \
--warning=900 --critical=1800
To checked for locked queries: --hostname=localhost --user=root --mode=locked-query
To check mysql status and variables; for example max connections, alert at > 80% used: --hostname=localhost --user=root --mode=varcomp \
--expression="Max_used_connections/max_connections * 100" --comparison_warning=">80" \
In varcomp, you can use any variable from 'SHOW GLOBAL STATUS' and
To compare status and variables from previous run's cache file, you can do something like: --hostname=localhost --user=root --mode lastrun-varcomp \
--comparison_warning ">80" \
--comparison_critical ">100" \
--expression "(current{Queries} - lastrun{Queries}) / (current{Uptime} - lastrun{Uptime})"
current{keyword} and lastrun{keyword} will be replaced with the appropriate value from the cache.
WARNING: There isn't good sanity checking here yet, so please get the keywords right or else you'll see warnings.
To check if mySQL is read-only, you can do: --hostname=localhost --user=root --mode simple --expression read_only
To check the default storage engine, you can do: --hostname=localhost --user=root --mode simple --expression engine
General Notes:
--warning and --critical Thresholds are very flexible, please see:
for detailed info on how to use them.
Use --help to a full list of supported arguments.
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