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Repositories related to the Panda programming language πŸ’•


  1. panda Public

    Modern and stylish interpreted programming language for JVM ⚜️

    Java 216 32

  2. Install jvm-based version of Panda using the fancy installer πŸš€

    JavaScript 10 1

  3. Example of GitHub based library, for multi-module dependency package manager test in Panda project 🐼

    Shell 6 1

  4. light Public

    Light is English-like programming language built using the Panda Framework

    Java 52 4

  5. hub Public

    Panda Hub is the official package registry for amazing Panda (+JVM) based projects on top of the Ktor & Next.js frameworks 🧬

    Kotlin 18 3

  6. 🌍 Organization website

    JavaScript 8 1


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