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Default substitution files for use on Pandorabots. Refer to the blog post for a more detailed explanation of usage.


Performs normalization procedures on input strings ("pre-processing").

<pattern>SAY *</pattern>  

Input: Say
Output: pandorabots dot com


Reverses steps taken in normalization procedures.

<pattern>TAKE ME TO *</pattern>  
<template>Redirecting to <denormalize><star/></denormalize></template.  

Input: Take me to
Output: Redirecting to


Transforms pronouns between first and second person.

<pattern>YOU ARE *</pattern>  
<template>I am <person><star/></person></template>  

Input: You are waiting for me.
Output: I am waiting for you.


Transforms pronouns between first and third person.

<pattern>GIVE THE * TO *</pattern>  
<template>User has asked me to give the <star/> to <person2><star index="2"/></person2></template>  

Input: Give the password to me.
Output: User has asked me to give the password to him or her.


Transforms gender pronouns between male and female.

<pattern>DOES IT BELONG TO *</pattern>  
<template>No, it belongs to <gender><star/></gender></template>  

Input: Does it belong to him?
Output: No, it belongs to her.