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An organizational meta-repo with pointers to all of the myriad educational materials available today (in any form)
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In teaching someone about COM programming, it would be nice if I could just teach them how to use the Visual Studio wizards and all the code generation features, but if anything goes wrong, they will not have the vaguest idea what happened or how to debug it and recover from it . I’m going to have to teach them all about IUnknown and CLSIDs and ProgIDS and … oh, the humanity!

--Joel Spolsky, on the Law of Leaky Abstractions

This README... dedicated to the resources table you will find directly below. For the Pangeo Outreach Education Training working group, please click on the wg folder found up above.

Education Material

This repository is for pointers and descriptions of existing educational material: For learning and using the Pangeo platform, software ecosystem, deployments, and related technology. Please tunnel into the sub-folders for organizing material.

Location Description Reviewer Data Carpentry lessons for atmosphere and ocean scientists (@DamienIrving) Rob F Pangeo Tutorial for the AGU 2018 meeting ? Pangeo Tutorial for the NCAR Software Engineering Assembly Workshop 2018 ? Pangeo Notebook Gallery with various simple or real science examples ? @rabernat's Research Computing in Earth Sciences course ? Latest iteration of @rabernat's intro to python "book" ? @robfatland material on the NASA Common Metadata Repository ? Connecting the Regional Cabled Array ocean data to other resources (ARGO, MODIS, ...) ? Gallery of geoscience examples ? Land ice velocity (golive) including bootstrapping xarray Siyu Yang Bio-Acoustic Transfer learning (@pshivraj) Sarah Barnes, Derya Gumustel Unidata Python Workshop material ? @brian-rose's climate modeling lecture notes ? No longer exists? Is private? ? No longer exists? Is private? ? Dask tutorial running on Pangeo Binder: Dataframes, Delayed and SickitLearn. Originaly developed by @mrocklin here ? Univ MD Baltimore County big data atmospheric science (flipped classroom) ? A lightly opinionated guide to reproducible data science ? Syzygy courtesy Phil Austin ? ESIP workshop feedback sheet ? Python for Geosciences course taught at Texas A&M ?

Related resources

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