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OpenDB is utility to manage local, session, cookie in browser.
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What is OpenDB ?

OpenDB is utility to manage local, session, cookie in browser.

Browser Support

The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports Local Storage.

Chrome – 4.0

Ie – 8.0

Mozilla firefox – 3.5

Safari – 4.0

Opera – 11.5

#Use of local and session storage with simple example

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="en">



<script src="opendb.js"></script>


		(function () {

  			// Working is a method to find your browser support localstorage or session storage if supported then you will get true and otherwise false

		console.log(db.working());  // true means you can work on it



Main db object method

working() - checks local storage and session storage working on your system

#Main db object objects

local - Contain localStorage methods

session - Contain sessionStorage methods

cookie - Contain cookie methods

test - Contain testing methods

type – Check type of value

#Local Storage

Stores data with no expiration date

#Session Storage

Stores data for one session (data is lost when the tab is closed)

For more details about local storage and session storage you can read article this article -

Basic information about webstorage

Localstorage techniques

If you are using local storage


If you are using session storage


Local and Session storage method list

set(key, value) – Sets storage

get(key) - Get storage

has(key) - Checks specified key name and return true or false

remove(key) - Removes specified key name

clean() - Clean all keys from storage

parse(jsonstring) - Parse Json string into javascript object

string(object) - Convert Javascript Object into Json string

setJSON(key, object) – Sets object into key in Json form

getJSON(key) – Get json object as javascript object

trim(key) – Get trim value of storage

count() - Get totle length of storage

key(index) – Get specified index

keys() - Get all keys

setMore(object) – Sets js object into storage

removeMore(array) – Removes array of keys

getMore(array) – Get array of values of keys

counter() - just for static counter

resetCounter() - reset the value of counter

getVLStartWith(string, start, end) – Gets Array of value of key, which contain specified string

getOBStartWith(string, start, end) – Gets Object of key value, which contain specified string

entire() - Gets entire storage as js Object

If you are using Cookie


WebSQL method list

db.websql.initDB(name, version, description, size) - initialize database

createTable(query) - websql query for crating table

insertRow(query, data, callback) - websql query for inserting data on table

getRows(query, callback) - websql query for get rows of table

deleteRows(query, info, callback) - websql query for delete rows of table

Cookie method list

set(key, value, exdays) – Sets cookie value

get(key) – Get cookie value

has(key) - Checks specified key name and return true or false

entire() - Gets entire cookie

Type Method

type(value) – Gets type of value

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