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This repo will contain tools to help work with source code comments.  I looked around and didn't find much that suited my needs.

I am primarily interested in the following things at the moment:
 - detecting commented out code (COC)
 - detecting low-value comments (LVC)

I have a pretty decent grasp of how to detect COC from intuition and looking at the Sonar project's source for Java commented out code detection.

I'm not really sure how to figure out what comments have low value, although I have been doing some brainstorming.

=Why am I interested in this?

It seems like every project that I go to has legacy code artifacts somewhere.  I'd like to stop wasting my time and effort doing things manually, and instead have some more automated tools for everyone to use.  Plus, I think the detecting LVC stuff is algorithmically interesting.

For code to experiment on, I'm using the open-source UFO2000 codebase.  It is a remake of a game that I enjoyed playing in high school.  I'll probably be doing refactoring with this as well using open-source tools.