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General Information:

Author: Anthony Panozzo


Script URL:

License: GPL

Detailed description:

Looking through the examples in Vim, there are examples of correcting typos and misspellings like:

iabbrev teh the
iabbrev het the

However, it is very time-consuming to create this list by hand. You also have to enter the correct capitalization, which is a pain. ('teh->the' is not equal to 'Teh->The')

It seems silly for everyone to create their own autocorrect file, so hopefully we can work together to make a sweet list. I found a nice list from Wikipedia and cleaned it up a bit as a basis, and incorporated the typo fixes from Vim Cream. I also added some words that I commonly misspelled or mistyped, and have taken additional contributions from users of the script.

I'm sure there are some mistakes, or common mistakes that aren't in here yet, so if you find any, please contact me and I will gladly change things. There are some additional details or thoughts as well as a shortcut to a word-processing mode at

I find this script invaluable when using Mozex to edit forms online (blog posts, web mail, etc.)

There is a GitHub repository that you can contribute to at

Install details:

This plugin works with Vundle and Pathogen out of the box and so this is the recommended method of installation. However, if you do not want to use Vundle or Pathogen, download the .tar file, and add autocorrect.vim to the 'plugin' folder in your .vim directory.

The plugin does not load all the correction mappings automatically, as this slows down Vim's startup time by at least one second which is often annoying. Instead, you can type:

:call AutoCorrect()

inside Vim to load the corrections.

If you want to automatically load the corrections for certain filetypes, you can put something like this in your .vimrc file (example is for .txt files):

autocmd filetype text call AutoCorrect()

If you want to load the corrections all the time, and can bear waiting one second every time you use Vim, put this in your .vimrc:

call AutoCorrect()

General thoughts:

Currently Vim has no built-in way to correct multiple words, so doing something like 'a a->a' is not possible. There is a file in the GitHub repository that contains some of these in case there ever comes an easy way to do this.

It might be nice to generate this list in a way similar to how Google generates spelling corrections (Bayesian approach.) This would be require less labor on my part, because there are many ways you can screw something up while typing. However, it's not clear how fast this would be, or how good of a job it would do of automatically correcting without having false positives.

My philosophy on contributions is to take only the ones that I could reasonably see a sober person making on a qwerty keyboard who is in a hurry. So if there are random characters in there, it's not likely going to make it in. That should capture 95% of errors, since most are due to spelling errors or transpositions.

If there is a questionable correction, I consult Google. Slightly antiquated words will be left as-is. If the left side is correct already, I won't add that correction. If something is close to two words, I will take the more common one, or just leave out the correction.

I've thought about adding ones like (c)->©, but it's not clear to me how many people would benefit from this. So I guess in general, my philosophy is to make the changes that will help most of the people most of the time.


Thanks to Duncan de Wet (duncannz) for turning this into a Vundler/Pathogen style plugin and making some improvements.