sandbox files for some applications running on osx for more security
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Mac OS Sandbox Profiles

To prevent application security issues to compromise your system, it is possible to run them inside a sandbox in OSX. I started writing some sandbox files.



To let any application run inside the sandbox, there has to

  • exist a sandbox file, that grants enough permissions
  • be modified to original application package, to "bridge" the applications binary to a sandboxed version.

The first point is pretty easy to build, the second point is a bit insecure as an application could overwrite our "bridged starter" via update. If there is a good idea in someones' mind, let me know.


Howto Do

Checkout the repo to /Users/Shared/macos-sandbox-profiles

Do the following actions to protect Skype and Firefox (which is currently provided here). Further applications will be supported the same way.

cd /Applications/
sudo mv firefox-bin firefox-bin.real
sudo ln -sf /Users/Shared/macos-sandbox-profiles/bin/firefox-bin .

cd /Applications/
sudo mv Skype Skype.real
sudo ln -sf /Users/Shared/macos-sandbox-profiles/bin/Skype .


  • Currently its not possible to allow firefox to start e.g. to display pdf files out of the browser. There has to be made a download in before, which is not as convenient as it could be. Please tell me how to do it, if you know.