My personal Curriculum Vitae written in LaTeX
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My personal Curriculum Vitae (CV) written in LaTeX.

This project uses Plasmati LaTeX template. It depends of XeLatex for compilation and the Fontin font. At the end of the compilation the pdf is opened with evince. Tipically, the XeLatex tool come with the texlive package. The Fontin font and Plasmati template come with this project.



# English version of the CV
$> make en

# Portuguese (Brazil) version of the CV
$> make pt

# Compile the CV in all languages available
$> make all # or just: $> make

Install font (if necessary)

$> make font

Cleaning up the project

$> make clean

How to use

If you want to use this project to generate a personal CV, open the cv_en.tex file and insert your personal information. Compile to see the cv_en.pdf.


enjoy o/