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'qmail-aliasfilter' is a smart filter script for all qmail lovers.

It filters aliases by the domain part of the senders email address, e.g. mail to nospam-.example.com@hostname.localhost will only be delivered to maildir if the mail comes from the *.example.com domain, otherwise the mail will be bounced or dropped.

Here is the example content of the .qmail-nospam-default script inside your home directory (/home/jana):


From now on, you can easily register new accounts or newsletter subscriptions with your nospam-... email address e.g. nospam-newsletter.example.com@hostname.localhost for mailings from newsletter.example.com

Let's see how the wildcard works. Here are some examples:

  • nospam-example.com@... -> example.com (the strictest, but also the best way to suppress spam)
  • nospam-.example.com@... -> *.example.com (and of course: example.com!)
  • nospam-example.@... -> example.*
  • nospam-.example.@... -> *.example.* (the loosest way, use only for debugging!)
  • nospam-example.com+newsletter.example.org@... -> a combination of the above methods

There is also the possibility to use qmail-aliasfilter in combination with maildrop


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This script is originally by wibuni (github@wibuni.de) who seems to has vanished from the Internet.