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topiclongtable extends longtable with cells that merge hierarchically
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This work is sponsored by Human Predictions, LLC (

This work is maintained by Paolo Brasolin (

This work is licensed under MIT License.

This work is a LaTeX package consisting of the following files:

  • topiclongtable.sty
  • topiclongtable-doc.tex
  • topiclongtable-doc.pdf

This LaTeX package extends longtable implementing cells that:

  • merge with the one above if it has the same content,
  • do not merge with the one above unless the ones on the left are merged,
  • are well behaved with respect to longtable chunking on page breaks,
  • and automatically draw the correct separation lines.

The typical use case is a table spanning multiple pages that contains a list of hierarchically organized topics (hence the package name).

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