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Emulate node.js' fs module on top of a git repository
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Emulate (a so far very small subset of) node.js' fs module on top of a local git repository. Point GitFakeFs at a git repository, and optionally a branch/tag/commit, and it'll give you back an fs implementation that gets its data from the repo.

var GitFakeFs = require('gitfakefs'),
    fs = new GitFakeFs('/path/to/repo.git');

fs.readFile('/foo.txt', function (err, contents) {
    // Got the contents of /foo.txt

To expose the contents of a branch, tag, or commit, use the 'ref' option:

new GitFakeFs('/path/to/repo.git', {ref: 'HEAD'});
new GitFakeFs('/path/to/repo.git', {ref: 'branchName'});
new GitFakeFs('/path/to/repo.git', {ref: 'tagName'});
new GitFakeFs('/path/to/repo.git', {ref: 'commitId'});

The staged contents:

new GitFakeFs('/path/to/repo.git', {ref: 'HEAD', index: true});

For non-bare repositories you can use the contents of the working copy as fallback when a file or directory doesn't exist:

new GitFakeFs('/path/to/repo.git', {ref: 'HEAD', fallBackToWorkingCopy: true});
new GitFakeFs('/path/to/repo.git', {ref: 'HEAD', index: true, fallBackToWorkingCopy: true});

Finally, you can configure a GitFakeFs instance to only contain the files and directories that have changes in the index:

new GitFakeFs('/path/to/repo.git', {ref: 'HEAD', changesInIndex: true});

Supported functions:

  • readdir
  • readFile
  • stat
  • lstat
  • realpath


Make sure you have node.js and npm installed, then run:

npm install gitfakefs


3-clause BSD license -- see the LICENSE file for details.

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