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papaya CMS Wiki

papaya CMS Content Management System and web application framework
Version 5, Copyright: 2002-2015 dimensional GmbH (

(see project website to find out more about papaya CMS)

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While we are trying to give a useful overview with this readme file, please refer to our website for further details.

If you got any questions that are not answered by the documentation, please leave a comment in the public forum at


Unfortunately, the english documentation has by far not yet reached the coverage that the german documentation has. So if you speak at least a little German, please have a look at the German links as well:



If you have any problems installing or using papaya CMS, please consult the following resources. This helps us to help you by spending less time repeatedly answering questions answered elsewhere and concentrate on developing the system. It also helps us conserve what little hair we have remaining.

  1. Read the FAQ:
  2. Read the docs:
  3. Search the forum:
  4. Steps 1 - 3 didn't help?
    -> Write a message in our forum ( Please try to give as much information about your problem as possible (ie, operating system, version numbers etc). This will not only help us to track down the problem, but also help those users with similar problems who come after you.