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@rhyneav rhyneav released this Nov 26, 2020

Some helpful clean up provided here provided by @ChocolateLoverRaj (and even a commit or two from yours truly)

  • Docs have been updated to include new build commands
  • NPM packages have been updated to fix dependency audit and deprecation warnings
  • A bug with dark mode alert variables has been fixed
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@rhyneav rhyneav released this Oct 7, 2020

Nothing to see here! Just adding back the SCSS source to the NPM package.

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@rhyneav rhyneav released this Sep 13, 2020

This release contains some very exciting features:

Dark Mode

A huge thank you to @seifsay3d in #199 for adding in dark mode support! Just add .dark to your html tag to get these awesome new styles.

Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 14 19 49

Input Ranges

PaperCSS now supports inputs with type="range" thanks to @Benbb96 in #213!

Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 14 20 20

Dependency Overhaul

Thanks to @TotomInc, PaperCSS's dependencies have been brought up to date and simplified using a build script instead of Gulp. This is something other CSS frameworks (like Bootstrap) use to keep things simple for contributors and users of the framework alike. Instead of PaperCSS being built on every install, it is built on every release and committed to the repo for full transparency.

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@rhyneav rhyneav released this Aug 1, 2020

@Phreshhh doing the most to add some awesome new features:


A fresh new breadcrumb component has landed. Now no one will get lost on your site!

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 16 27 01

Outline Buttons

New outline buttons!

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 16 28 39


Not just one, but several new styles of switches! Checkout the few different styles here


Multiple Container Sizes

Instead of just one size of container, you can now constrain the size to small, medium, or large. Thank you for the addition @marcuxyz, check it out at

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple tab components are now supported on a page (thank you @Bajena in #207)
  • Tab content position is now fixed (thank you @koester in #205)


I still cannot spell, so thank you to @impressivewebs, @byrro, and @fulldecent for improving the quality of the codebase with the content corrections!

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@rhyneav rhyneav released this Jan 25, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Hover on button anchors is now consistent with the hover for buttons (thank you @sarramegnag a0c77ba)
  • Building the progress bar CSS no longer throws an error on some systems (thank you again @sarramegnag 8af69f3)
  • Keyboard control on radio buttons now work as expected (thank you @vanillaSlice 6c20a60)
  • Height on select elements are now consistent across browsers (thank you @mert.safak 67d1208)


@TotomInc provided some much needed upgrades to our dependencies including upgrading gulp to v4. These upgrades will make future development easier and reduces the vulnerabilities found in npm audit. Thank you kindly!


As per usual, me no spell so good - so thank you @nelsonmestevao, @sarramegnag, @anupamasok, and everyone else who has taken time to improve the documentation of PaperCSS.

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@rhyneav rhyneav released this Oct 21, 2018

@vanillaSlice hooked us up with some awesome new features in this release:

Dismissible Alerts

Ever wanted to close out of an alert? Now you can with this update!

Progress Bars

Progress bars are here and in many different options. Try them with backgrounds, labels, or even stripes!

Gulp Auto Prefixer

No pretty picture for this, but now the gulp build will automatically include vendor prefixes where needed. We don't need to worry about a thing anymore! Here's what is supported:

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@rhyneav rhyneav released this Sep 30, 2018

@pynej fixed a padding issue when using badges within lists in #156.

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@rhyneav rhyneav released this Sep 8, 2018

@muyaszed hooked us up with a fix for #147 where radio and check boxes weren't working in Firefox. They are now!

PS: v1.5.2 was skipped because of an issue with the CDN and that NPM won't republish over the same version.

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Sep 8, 2018
Merge branch 'develop' for v1.5.2

@rhyneav rhyneav released this Jun 24, 2018

v1.5.0 threw a module error when installing from NPM as a result of adding stylelinter (whoops). This release fixes that error (issue #151).

The CSS in this version and v1.5.0 are the same, the only change is in the NPM scripts around building PaperCSS.

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