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A WX Widgets-based Inky IO implementation for host-based development.
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Inky Host Dev

A library for allowing developers to simulate the Inky display while working on their host machine. This module implements a HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) which is plugged into Inky and it renders pixels using the Erlang WxWidgets library. This avoids additional depedencies.

You can find a sample usage of this module in pappersversk/sample_inky.

Minimal usage

Add to deps in mix.exs:

{:inky_host_dev, "~> 1.0.0", targets: :host, only: :dev},

Wherever you set up the Inky module in your code:

Inky.start_link(:phat, :red, %{
        border: :accent,
        hal_mod: InkyHostDev.HAL

The sample project has a better example where it only set the hal_mod based on target (see the config for host). This would be the preferred way.

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