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This tracks development for the things such as scripts and (defaults for) config files for Bedrock Linux
Shell C Makefile

Fixed typo in force-symlinks pre-enable script

core_dst -> $core_dst
latest commit 8a87fae855
paradigm authored
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bedrock Fixed typo in force-symlinks pre-enable script
etc rcS,rcK typo in release name
src Fixed bug in the for loop that frees each of the "ins" fields for eac…
.gitignore added busybox support for 1.0beta1 hawkey
LICENSE Revert "Removed "How to Apply" section of LICENSE file"
bedrocklinux-installer updated busybox, fixed build issue since kernel update

Bedrock Linux 1.0beta1 Hawkey Userland

This is the bulk of the userland for Bedrock Linux. Further information can be found at

Specifically, this is the README and files for the first beta, Hawkey. More information about this release of Bedrock Linux can be found here:

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