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This tracks development for the things such as scripts and (defaults for) config files for Bedrock Linux

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Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha4 Flopsie Userland

This is the bulk of the userland for Bedrock Linux. Further information can be found at

Specifically, this is the README and files for the fourth alpha, Flopsie. More information about this release of Bedrock Linux can be found here:

You should probably read everything there before continuing to do anything with these files, if you have not already. The instructions in this README are not sufficient on their own.


This README is not intended to be sufficient alone. More detailed instructions should be found here:

Briefly, you need to do the following to install Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha4 using the files bundled with this README:

  • Partition, format, and mount the filesystem(s) on which you would like to install Bedrock Linux. The location on which you've mounted the filesystem which will become the root filesystem of the new system will be referred to as $BRINSTALL.
  • mv/untar/git-clone/etc the userland files/tarball/repository (which should include this README) into $BRINSTALL so that this README file will be on the root of the Bedrock Linux install.
  • Place the source for required third-party software (listed below) and place them in "$BRINSTALL/src/". This directory should already contain the source for Bedrock Linux utilities such as brc and bru - place the third-party software along side these directories. If your system has the GNU tar (which will automatically detect and decompress compressed tarballs), you can leave (compressed) tarballs in the '$BRINSTALL/src" directory. Otherwise, you will need to decompress these and leave directories in "$BRINSTALL/src".
    • musl (NEWER than 0.9.14 - such as git HEAD) from or git clone git://
    • Linux kernel from
    • FUSE (NEWER than 2.9.3 - probably 3.X or git HEAD) from or git clone git:// fuse-fuse using a specific commit git checkout dd432032db34c2ca22570af5ac6794822ef4c877
    • busybox (NEWER than 1.21.1 - such as git HEAD) from or git clone git://
    • linux capabilities from git clone git:// using a specific commit git checkout 056ffb0bd25d91ffbcb83c521fc4d3d9904ec4d4
  • Run the following:
    • cd $BRINSTALL
    • ./installer make all
    • sudo ./installer install all
  • If you run into any errors, see "/tmp/bedrocklinux-installer-tmp-$(whoami)/log". You may simply be missing a build dependency.
  • Acquire the following kernel related files (such as from another Linux distribution, or build them yourself) and place them accordingly:
    • A kernel image at $BRINSTALL/boot/
    • Kernel modules at $BRINSTALL/lib/modules/$KERNEL-VERSION/
    • Optionally (may be required depending on the system and kernel image) an initrd/initramfs at $BRINSTALL/boot/
    • Optionally, a system map file at $BRINSTALL/boot/
    • Optionally, a .config file for the kernel at $BRINSTALL/boot/
    • Optionally, firmware for your hardware in /lib/firmware
  • Acquire initial client distributions.
  • Configure the system as described at
  • Install a bootloader of your choice.


If you run into any trouble, feel free to seek help via IRC in #bedrock on freenode (

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