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Sodium-Plus (Na+)

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Sodium-Plus delivers a positive cryptography experience for JavaScript developers.

Sodium-Plus brings you all the benefits of using libsodium in your application without any of the headaches introduced by the incumbent APIs.

Sodium-Plus is permissively licensed (ISC) and free to use.


  • Cross-platform.
  • Pluggable backend with an auto-loader:
  • Fully async/await ready (aside from object constructors).
  • Type-safe API:
    • Instead of just passing around Buffer objects and hoping you got your argument order correct, sodium-plus will throw an Error if you provide the wrong key type. This prevents you from accidentally introducing a severe security risk into your application.


Installing as a Node.js Module

With NPM:

npm install sodium-plus

You can optionally install sodium-native alongside sodium-plus if you want better performance.

The default configuration is a bit slower, but has a wider reach (e.g. web browsers).

Installing in a Web Page

See this section of the documentation for getting started with Sodium-Plus in a web browser.

Using Sodium-Plus in Your Projects

SodiumPlus is meant to be used asynchronously, like so:

const { SodiumPlus } = require('sodium-plus');

(async function() {
    // Select a backend automatically
    let sodium = await;

    let key = await sodium.crypto_secretbox_keygen();
    let nonce = await sodium.randombytes_buf(24);
    let message = 'This is just a test message';
    // Message can be a string, buffer, array, etc.

    let ciphertext = await sodium.crypto_secretbox(message, nonce, key);
    let decrypted = await sodium.crypto_secretbox_open(ciphertext, nonce, key);

This should produce output similar to below (but with different random-looking bytes):

<Buffer 00 b7 66 89 3d b4 4d e9 7e 0f 66 91 fd d1 ca fd be bb 7f 00 89 76 5b 48 ec ed 80 cc 87 76 54 1b b5 ea 87 9b e5 19 ee 4c 31 c5 63>
This is just a test message


The documentation is available online on Github!

Support Contracts

If your company uses this library in their products or services, you may be interested in purchasing a support contract from Paragon Initiative Enterprises.