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RawRabbit Todo

This is a small sample application that demonstrates some of the features of forthcoming release of RawRabbit 2.0.


  1. Clone the repo git clone
  2. Restore packages dotnet restore
  3. Run RawRabbit.Todo.Web and RawRabbit.Todo is two seperate terminals dotnet run
  4. Surf to localhost:5000

Feature Highlights

Event driven requeset

Listing all todos as well as create a new todo is fully event driven. The controller publishes a message and returnsa 200 OK. The front end is updated through a SignalR push.

public async Task<IActionResult> GetAllTodos()
	await PublishAsync(new CreateTodoList {Count = int.MaxValue});
	return Ok(new {success = true});

Messages are directed to the right (SignalR) client but using Message Context Forwarding.

Publish/Subscribe with explicit Ack/Nack

The service uses the new way to Acknowledge messages. If not defined, the messages are auto acked.

await busClient.SubscribeAsync<CreateTodo, TodoContext>(async (msg, context) =>
	if (msg.Todo == null)
		return new Nack(false);
	var created = await repo.AddAsync(msg.Todo);
	await busClient.PublishAsync(new TodoCreated
		Todo = created
	return new Ack();

Fluent configuration

Get even better control over the client. Override configuration with the fluent IPipeContext action

var todo = await BusClient.RequestAsync<TodoRequest, TodoResponse>(new TodoRequest {Id = id},
	ctx => ctx.UseRequestTimeout(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(20))