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This is the website for the Paris DevOps group : (or

It is generated by Jekyll :
and hosted by GitHub :

Ask to the mailing-list if you'd like to participate :

Mini Howto for website maintainers (people who are member of the parisdevops organization on github) :

- We use the Textile format : - Don't forget to name the files ".textile"
- If you just want to edit a file, the easier solution is to use the GitHub web interface : go to the file and click the "Edit this file" button (top right).
- Otherwise, clone this git repository, and do the usuall "hack-commit-push" workflow.
- Normal pages just end in .textile (and are converted to .html)
- Blog posts and located in the "_posts" directory, and prefixed with the date (format YYYY-MM-DD)

Add a meetup 
- add a file in _posts, this page will show up under "Blog - Thème | meetup" 
- update meetups.textile and add a new block for the meetup. Ensure that you've changed the meetup id (next to the h2 title)
- update index.textile for next/previous meetup

If you want to install Jekyll locally (to avoid editing the website "blindly") :
- gem install jekyll -v JEKYLL_VERSION (you should use the same version as GitHub use. See for the right version. As of writing this, it is 0.10.0)
- go to the directory where you cloned the repository, and run "jekyll --server --auto" : Jekyll will run in server mode (port 4000) and auto-reload on each file modification
- point your browser at http://localhost:4000/