Tool to check if any of your NPM repositories name are trademarked
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Tool to check if any of your NPM repository name is trademarked.

This tool was originally named "canibekiked".

I'm not a native speaker, I had no idea what "kike" means in english before reading this issue.

I intended the word only in the sense "to suffer the same fate as the azer/kik project".

I renamed the project, my apologies to anyone who could be offended by this.


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You need Node 4.0.0 or greater in order to use canibekikked.

npm install -g canibekikked


Check all repositories of logged user on NPM:

$ canibekikked

Check all repositories of a particular user:

$ canibekikked parroit

Your own API token

Since the API has rate-limit, you can supply your own API token. Sign up to markerapi to get one for free.

# replace with your token
$ canibekikked -t yZ32rW4Pq6

Related projects

This project is inspired by this issue on is-trademarked repo.

canibekikked API module depends on this project.


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2016 parro-it