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# This file shows the history of incompatible changes to
# Parrot that invalidated existing PBC (Parrot Byte Code) files.
# The latest version number of the bytecode format in this file
# is used by Parrot to version the bytecode files it writes and
# is able to read. In the future, Parrot should be able to read
# and/or write older bytecode versions too.
# Currently known actions that should be entered here
# (and invalidate PBC are):
# - deleting/changing/inserting existing ops in ops.num
# - changing operands of existing ops
# - adding/deleting/renaming a PMC to classes
# - changes in the packfile format itself
# - changes to any PMCs that are frozen into the .pbc like
# ParrotInterpreter (HLL_info), Subs and more
# - other core changes that invalidate byte code :)
# After changing PBC_COMPAT either disable t/native_pbc tests or
# better, if you have an i386 box at hand, regenerate the PBCs
# with tools/dev/mk_native_pbc and commit the changes
# TODO TT #361: all .pbc files should make-depend on PBC_COMPAT
# Also, if you're removing an opcode, be sure to run "make opsrenumber"
# please insert tab separated entries at the top of the list
5.2 2009.08.06 dukeleto remove Random PMC
5.1 2009.08.06 cotto remove branch_cs opcode
5.0 2009.07.21 cotto released 1.4.0
4.0 2009.03.17 allison released 1.0.0
3.0 2007.07.23 jonathan implementing new PBC header format
2.0 2005.11.22 leo changed PBC format (HLL_info)
1.0 2005.10.15 jonathan changed debug segment format
0.1 2003.10.21 leo start this file
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