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A library for the Open Market Protocol (OMP).
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The reference implementation for the Open Market Protocol

Note: the documentation is very outdated for the private message format.


* build(..MPA_*):  rebuilds the transaction for a given and spits outs the rawtx.
* validate(MPA_*): validate that a marketplace action conforms to the protocol.
* verify(..MPA_*): verifies a _chain_ of MarketPlaceActions.
* strip(MPA_*):  strip any fields that do not belong in the protocol (simple: delete all that start with "_").

* create(MPA_LISTING_ADD): returns MPA_BID.
* accept(MPA_LISTING_ADD, MPA_BID): returns MPA_ACCEPT (partially signed destruction tx, partially signed release tx).
* lock(MPA_LISTING_ADD, MPA_BID, MPA_ACCEPT): make this also create the release tx. returns MPA_LOCK. (signed destruction tx, partially signed bix txn)
* complete(MPA_LISTING_ADD, MPA_BID, MPA_ACCEPT, MPA_LOCK): returns a fully signed bid rawtx for the seller.
* release(MPA_LISTING_ADD, MPA_BID, MPA_ACCEPT, MPA_LOCK): returns a fully signed release rawtx for the buyer.
* refund(MPA_LISTING_ADD, MPA_BID, MPA_ACCEPT, MPA_LOCK): returns a fully signed refund rawtx for the seller.

Format validators

The format validators can be found in the src/format-validators directory. These purely validate:

  • required fields
  • the right types (string, number, ..)
  • non-negative fields

Sequence verifiers

The sequence verifiers can be found in the src/sequence-verifiers directory. These purely verify that the provide sequence of actions is correct:

  • validate format of action first
  • check the sequence to verify that the order is correct (e.g. no bids before listing)
  • verify that the sequence linked by the hashes is correct
  • verify that the cryptocurrency in the bid is allowed in the listing
  • verify that the escrow type over the sequence doesn't change

Deterministic transaction generation

Given a sequence of MPA's (marketplace actions), the resulting transaction generated by this library should be identical, byte-for-byte. The library rebuilds the transactions and stores a state of (potentially incomplete) transactions in the private fields of a message.

Private fields

Additional fields can be supplied by the database with an "_", these should be stripped out using strip(). We only use these when building transactions.


Run the test environment by running: python3

Then run the test with: yarn test

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