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@kewde kewde released this May 31, 2018


Particl Market alpha (for testnet only) has been completed and includes the following features:

Listings Page

  • Within the Listings page, users will have access to all listings that have been published on the Particl test network. All items can be viewed, added to favorites and/or added to your cart.
  • Search and filtering capabilities allow users to easily find what they are looking for.
  • Filtering options currently support country or category.

Sell Page

  • On the Sell page, users have access to their personal listings and orders.
  • New listings can be added and published to the test network.
  • A search function is also available to filter through your published listings.

Buy Page

  • On the Buy page, users have access to their cart, orders and favorites.
  • Items added to the cart are available for review and includes a cost summary of all the items contained within the cart.
  • Users can start the checkout process by adding shipping details and continuing to the last step where you can order (send a bid) on the items you would like to purchase.
  • The favorites tab can be used as a wish list to save items you would like to add to your cart at a later stage.
  • Items saved to favorites are available on your return.

Buy Flow

  • The buy flow consists of 5 steps where the seller and buyer will follow a pre-defined workflow that takes care of bidding and escrow.
    • Bidding – Once the order has been placed the seller will manually accept the bid allowing the escrow process to start.
    • Awaiting escrow – On an accepted bid, the buyer is now able to make the payment and lock in escrow.
    • Escrow (Lock) – The funds are locked in escrow and the product can be shipped to the buyer.
    • Shipping – The order has been shipped and the buyer will mark as delivered on receiving the item, this will automatically release escrow
    • Complete – The purchase will be marked as complete and finalize the release of escrow.

Non-Market updates

  • Updated overall looks, new font & icons
  • Address Book: redesigned
  • and as usual, stability and performance tweaks
  • Latest daemon base


The release of this Alpha product is to get the community involved in testing – please join our testing channels:

Get testnet coins here:

WARNING: Coldstaking is known to cause bugs, do not enable it on testnet.
WARNING: You need to unlock your wallet to process new orders.

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