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@m-mcgowan m-mcgowan released this May 10, 2016 · 3941 commits to develop since this release

v0.5.1-rc.1 Changelog


  • Wi-Fi Country Code can be set to configure the available channels and power transmission. #942


  • ARM GCC 5.3.1 compiler support


  • [Photon/P1] Fix a timing-critical bug in WICED that causes system freeze. #877
  • Tone not available on A7 after stop-mode sleep. #938
  • Regression in EEPROM emulation size. #983
  • [Electron] Wrong bitmask is provided for 4208 setting in power management #987

System Binaries (all devices) & Device Upgrader (Photon & Electron)

located below

Programming and Debugging

You can view specific programming and debugging notes for this version of firmware here.

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