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We want to create offline documentation for pasdoc (to include in pasdoc release archives) generated automatically from content of this wiki.

  • The plan to handle this now is to clone GitHub wiki locally, and run Asciidoctor processing over a series of pages. We will use here the fact that all our wiki pages are written using Asciidoctor formatting.

  • Also, we have an old outdated documentation written in LaTeX in pasdoc sources, see old_docs/ subdirectory. It was being converted to pdf and html versions using pdflatex and htlatex. This was provided with older (<0.9.0) versions of pasdoc.

    With pasdoc 0.9.0 the decision is to drop it because it is too outdated and lacks too many things (see mail about this).

    If someone has time, it would be useful to carefully browse old_docs/pasdoc.tex and check if indeed every relevant content is available in wiki. See HTML version and PDF version of old docs.

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