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The Big Picture (html mockup visualizer)
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The Big Picture (html mockup visualizer)

The Big Picture

TBP is a tool that allows you to visulaize the structure of your HTML mockups in a site-map drag and drop interface with task lists attached to your pages.


  1. Create a folder with your project name in the /mockups/ directory.
  2. Create mockups the usual way, using your project's css/js/img assets.
  3. Your page files should all be in the root of the directory, named filename.html
  4. When you want to link pages, create regular link tags, with href="filename.html"


  1. Page positioning get saved.
  2. Hover over the left sidebar pages to have them highlighted.
  3. Click on the list icon to flip the page to a task list!

Fork it on Github

And help make it into a real product!

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