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TweetDeck wrapper for use as desktop app.


Uses node-webkit to provide a single-purpose window onto TweetDeck's web version. Min-width = single-col.

Will not work with node-webkit < 0.10.


…from source:

$ $package_manager install node-webkit
$ git clone git://
$ cd twd
$ nw .

…on archlinux:

There is currently no Arch Linux package, but if someone creates it I'll be glad to link it again.

AUR package

$ yaourt -S twd
$ twd

A .desktop file (for graphical menus) is also provided (see releng/arch/twd.desktop).


TweetDeck, Twitter, and the TweetDeck logo are trademarks of, and copyrighted to, Twitter, Inc.

All other files are released in the Public Domain as per my policy.