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Primary repository for my 2015 hackaday prize entry, "Farmer Stay In Bed?"
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Farmer Stay In bed?

This is the main git repository for our entry into the 2015 hackaday prize. For background see the Sentrifarm project page on

Hackaday Prize Entry Qualifications


  • Hardware designs released under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA.
  • Source code released under GPL v3 except where existing imported components are otherwise identified as being used under other licenses such as MIT, BSD, etc.
  • Clipart in diagrams obtained from open / CC license sources : open office gallery,
  • Our own photos and diagrams and videos under CC-BY-NC
  • We reserve the right to dual-license software that we developed under alternative licenses

Third party software components incorporated into the repository

  • mqttsn-messages.cpp - MIT license

Third party software components incorporated into the repository as a submodule

  • Adafruit arduino sensor library - Apache license
  • Adafruit BMP085 library - open source unspecified
  • Arduino MQTTSN library - MIT license
  • Arduino DHT11 library - MIT license
  • Frankenstein & Antares - GPL licensed ESP8266 framework. Note, not actively used at present tie but this may change.

Third party software components submodules or cloned and binaries cross-compiled during the build

  • openwrt - linux distribution - distribution is GPL, components are their respective open source licenses
  • c-ares - library used by mosquitto; MIT license
  • mosquitto - MQTT client tools and library; used under Eclipse Distribution License (not the EPL)
  • mqtt-sn-tools - MQTT-SN client tools; BSD-like license
  • RSMB - MQTT and MQTT-SN broker; Eclipse Distribution License
  • libsocket++ - C++ socket library; BSD license

The following third party software components are then dynamically linked to sentrifarm software:

libmosquitto - dynamically linked, thus used as allowed under the terms of the EDLv1.0

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